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800 MHz SMR In-Building Amplifier


Extends Coverage

The Model 510 & 610 series of in-building amplifiers provide amplification of both uplink and downlink wireless signals in facilities located within reasonable proximity of cell sites and where wireless coverage is otherwise non-existent.

Typical Applications

Among facilities that can benefit from an in-building amplifier installation are parking garages, warehouses, basements, shielded structures, metal buildings, office complexes, campus environments, hospitals, and convention centers.


 Linear output power (typical)
 27 dBd
 27 dBm
 29 dBm
 Power Requirements
 120 Vac @ 1.3A
 Noise Figure (typical)
 5.5 dB
 AGC Dynamic Range
 25 dB
 Propagation Delay
 <250 nsec
 Gain Adjustment Range
 0-30 dB, 1 dB Steps
 12.38 x 12.6 x 6.21 in. / 17 lbs

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Copyright Cellular Specialties, Inc. 021-0067-001 REV G


Model Number
  • CSI-K51062-S83-807.5/852.5
  • CSI-K51062-S810-811/856
  • CSI-K51062-S87-812.5/857.5
  • CSI-K51062-S87-820.5/865.5
  • CSI-K51062-S83-822.5/867.5 
  • See PDF version for frequencies options
Features & Benefits
  • Alphanumeric user interface
  • Integrated digital power/AGC
    meter allows for precise set up
    without test equipment
  • User friendly technical
    language interface
  • Local alarm contact closure
    points and interface for
    remote shutdown
  • High Rejection for
    Interference Protection
  • Reconfigurable for post rebanding
  • Multiple filter choices available

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